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   EVERY PROPERTY has unique characteristics, which can be maximized or simply ignored. After you visit a garden, do the thoughts of it remain in your head? Do you wish you could just stay there?
   It takes years of experience, knowledge and the skills of a fine artist/technician to create outdoor spaces that are unique as well as evocative.
boxwood garden

   WE DESIGN, plant and maintain perennial gardens, build beautiful trellises, create terraces and hardscape with bluestone and brick. We build decking. We plant long spans of hedging for green walls. We can create berms that are planted with trees and shrubs for privacy. We fence large properties to fence out deer. We build spectacular fences out of wood. We design and build beautiful gates and garden doors. We erect small to medium garden buildings, pergolas and pool houses. We give trees and shrubs new life by proper pruning and fertilization. We renovate lawns to make them the perfect outdoor flooring every garden should have. We make water gardens. We build large-scale ponds and plant the surrounding shoreline with plants and trees. We design swimming pools and their surrounding areas. We install outdoor lighting to bring magic to gardens after nightfall.
   It's all done by using sound horticultural principles as a foundation for cutting-edge, highly experienced design methods. Contact us today to lock-in an appointment for a consult.

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